Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shopping King Louie

Actually dah lama mek tengok drama ni and I was forgot to make a review about this drama until I listened for this drama's ost this morning.  Yes.  I need to make some.  So excited sgt nak cerita pasal SHOPPING KING LOUIE ni.

Ok the hero for this drama Louie aka Seo In Guk yang mana pewaris tunggal Goldline Group. Louie ni kaya gila and he love shopping very much and his grandma just don't mind about this sbb grandma dia syg sangat kat Louie.  Tapi dia tak tinggal bersama sbb grandma dia believe over this one thing; yang mana keturunan dia akan mati kalau tinggal dkt dgn dia as anak dgn menantu dia accident sbb stay together dgn dia.  Since dia syg sgt dgn Louie so dia hantar Louie dduk dkt overseas.  Tp one fine day, grandma dia ni sakit and Louie cepat2 lah balik Seoul nak tgok grandma dia.  Si Louie ni ada seorang uncle yg soo jelous and want all of his assets.  He asked Louie to drive alone dari airport as he planned for something bad jadi dkt Louie like accident something like that la.  And the accident is really happened luckily bkan dkt Louie tp orang lain yg dah robbed all Louie's things.  So grandma and all the family members ingat Louie ni dah mati rentung dgn kereta2 nya sekali.  In fact, lelaki yg mati tu bukannya Louie.  And Ko Bok Shil aka Nam Ji Hyun ni plak gadis kampung yg datang ke Seoul sbb nak cari adik dia Ko Bok Nam.  Ended up dia jumpa si Louie ni yg dah hilang ingatan dduk minta sedekat dkt kaki lima, tapi he wore Bok Nam's punya pakaian.  So Bok Shil ingat Louie ni kenal dgn Bok Nam and decided nak jaga Louie sampai ingatan Louie ni pulih.   

Oh my.. this drama is so good.  Takde conflict sangat and flow drama dia pon tak berbelit.  I just enjoy this drama.  Plus Louie was so clingy and I like his character yg cute sangat dgn Bok Shil. Tyme family dia pergi ambil Louie the most saddest part and I cry a river bila tgk Bok Shil find out about this dkt TV yg Louie dah kembali kpd family dia.  and he thought that Louie akan lupakan dia LOL.  In fact Louie ni belikan all the expensive things nak letak dkt rumah lama dia dgn Bok Shil and he planned to marry Bok Shil. LOL.  Sooo panjang kalau nak cerita sampai all the 16 episodes.  So do watch yourself dear.

So for those korean drama lover, please please please tgok drama ni.  Drama best.  OST best and Character all of them pon best.  Mek bagi five star JJANG.

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That moment when Louie and Bok Shil done with their PERM. hahahaha

I saw these scenes and Im crying a river.  She still love Louie even Louie have nothings.  

Louie scared of spider. LOL

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