Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GFriend - Fingertip

Tak pernah mention dekat Blog yang Im the hards fans of GFriend.  And this fandom name is BUDDY.  So Im a Buddy.   Seriously aku tak expect yang GFriend gonna reached this stage.  I meant, they just debuted 2 years ago and currently got 30th win from all the music show.  They might not soo famous like TWICE, Red Velvet and BlackPink, still I love them the most among these all famous group.  Followed by BlackPink, Red Velvet and Twice.  Beside GFriend ni bukan dari 3 big company so they may not cross all these three.  Seriously semua members GFriend is soo talented.   Semua ada good voice and they can dance well.  So dear chinggu chinggu mek sekalian, do support my favourite group josaeyoo..  Chaebal. All do listen to their song as well.  Sebab semua lagu GFriend are good.  Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera and FingerTip (lettest one).

And bila bercakap pasal comeback, this comeback is about 4 weeks ago.  Ramai cakap this time comeback song dierang FLOP. and I dont think soo.  even just win once at music show, tak bermakna lagu diorang tak best kan?  Believe me they seriously try hard for this comeback.. They change their concept even change their style while Baby Umji is getting very yeppoo for this comeback.. seriously Im a proud BUDDY.

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Choco Top: Can I stop?

This day I think my weight dah makin menjadi2.   Its not that Im expect to lose my weight since mmg mek tahu nafsu makan seriously makin menjadi.  1 yang ku pinta, nak suruh mantain this weight till the end.  Even dah umur 40, 50, 60 ( kalau panjang umur) still I want this exact weight in my life.  Kalau makin berkurang tu takpalah.  Alhamdullilah.  Tp kalau keep increases macam mana.
Tapi bila dah timbang dalam masa dua hari boleh naik 2 kilos and I was like !&&^%$$^&*()(*&^%
Huaaa.  How can I save all those fats in body.  Even these day I keep singgah mekdi almost every evening sbb nak beli Chocotop. Dahla banyak lemak, banyak gula.  calories is too high and mek consume this chocoptop deliciously.  and Im bought 2 chocotop only for myself this evening.   I regretted T.T Can't imagine kalau sebulan macam ni memang can't stand anymore. I need to stop!!

But wait, now Im currently dream for the MCD Chicken.   Those MCD Chicken, color dia tu HOT sangatt awak masa tgk Iklan kt TV just now.  I want to cry T.T  Rest in Peace la for those kemain boycott MCD hari tu.   Aku tengok kemain je skrg makan MCD balik.  Inc, me ^^. 

GOBLIN - Dokkaebi

Assalamualaikum, anyeong blogger and reader.
Lama sangat mek tak update blog until I almost forgot my passwords.  LOL.  I miss my blog like seriously.  Since malam ni mek free so let write something sbb dah rindu sangat.
Apa laahh, setelah sekian lama finally mek nak cerita pasal hot Kdrama ni GOBLIN.  alahaiii lama dah pon cerita ni dah basi, still all of the scene still remain in mind.  Sebab this drama is soo good.
I do watch Gong Yoo's drama before (Coffee Prince) and as I told before, I really in love with Kim Go Eun (Ji Eun Tak) lepas tengok Cheese in The Trap dl.  She's too good.  How come she's doing her acting like she's really live in hear real life.  Biasa cerita yg people overrated sangat ni bukan sedap pon, sebagai example yg terbaik boleh diberikan:  Descendant Of The Sun, The Heirs, Secret Garden and so on.  This is among TOP drama yg for me too overrated.   Maybe sebab ada Song Jong Ki, Lee Min Ho dan Hyun Bin.  Semua fans girls be like: oh my god, oh my god, oh my god !!!
Hahaha tapi terima lah hakikat yang kebanyakan top K drama tu adalah disebabkan the actor/actress itself bukan sebab plot tu sangat.   Ok go back to our main topic:  GOBLIN.
Yes.  I love this drama since the plot is good and the cast really do well.  Even gap umur Gong Yoo dengan Kim Go Eun sedikit banyak, still they were really natural.   Im seriously cant get enough this drama.  Cuma betapa aku berharap yg sencond heroin should  not be Yoo In Na.  I dont know but Im seriously don't like her acting for no reasons. hahaha.  Maybe sebab dia selalu belakon jadi jahat kot.
And how I wish the ending will be more interesting sebab Im worried that Eun Tak will die again after her second life.  Macam tak logik laa Goblin tu boleh tunggu for belasan tahun.  Not good la kan.
Still, I love this drama.

Such a beautiful smile.  Huaa.   I love her I want to cry T.T
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saranghaeyoo, Ahjushii.  

So untuk drama ni mek bagi 4 bintang.  How I wish this drama ada ending yg lebih best.  I wish.
Happy Watching dearies :)

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