Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Anyeong readers and bloggers sekalian.  Oh myy.. its been a while and I miss my blog like seriously.  Dan rindu sangat nak blogwalking sana sini baca all my bloggers friend punya entry.  Ya Allah.  How I wish I could.

A few months pass by. and I was so bless-full and happy to tell my friends here that Im already have a permanent job.  Sebelum ni I was likee...ermmmm. Kejap kerja sini, kejap kerja sana.. And now, Alhamdulillah.. I've stick here and gladly happy to say that I will stay here sampai Im really2 able to gain as much knowledge as I can.  INSHAALAH.

And bila cakap kerja, everyone was like...Kerja apa, kerja kat mana, kerja macam mana, how much salary that you been paid, okay ke kerja, susah tak kerja tu, how was your boss, how was you coworkers, and how did surrounding of ur work place is going on... Macam2..
Yahhh.  nothing much to say. But Alhamdullillah, I've got a job that suitable with my courses, with my skills.  Even my ambition nak jadi Lecturer still dont know where to go, still, Im soo happy and sincerely glad to do this job.  Im working in HR and Admin area. Still people was like.. belajar sampai MASTER and lastly tak boleh jadi Lecturer juga? Ohh yeayy.. Sabar laaa.. Rezeki untuk jadi pengajar belum ada.  Who know?  Rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana.  And just follow the flow and enjoy this job.
And what the most important thing here, mek kerja kat mana? hahaha.. Serious ke nak tahu?  Serious? hahaha. Untuk pengetahuan semua, mek currently bekerja di Terengganu.  Yohooo.. Terengganu weii, the place where I used to spent alot of beautiful memories with my chinggu.  mana taknya. 3 years here during my Diploma.  Ya Allah.  I love Terengganu like seriously and Im seriously never expecting this kind of things will come true.  Macam dulu pernah juga simpan niat nak bekerja dekat Terengganu.  Because Im no soo called urbankind of people laa.  kampung-kampung is better.  So sgt tak sangkat after 5 years, finally mek kembali ke sini and berkhidmat disini.  What a good things beb.  Alhamdulillah sgt.

And Everything was fine about job.  I've got a good friends, good boss, and many good things even tak semua good good, still mek sgt bersyukur.  Soon kita cerita banyak-banyak ye pasal kerja and current life.

And thanks for those who never stopped praying and expecting good things from me.  Believe in my words, GOOD THINGS COME LATE.  still jangan pernah penat berdoa pada Allah SWT.  InshaAllah..

Till then.. nanti mek update lagi ye.