Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GFriend - Fingertip

Tak pernah mention dekat Blog yang Im the hards fans of GFriend.  And this fandom name is BUDDY.  So Im a Buddy.   Seriously aku tak expect yang GFriend gonna reached this stage.  I meant, they just debuted 2 years ago and currently got 30th win from all the music show.  They might not soo famous like TWICE, Red Velvet and BlackPink, still I love them the most among these all famous group.  Followed by BlackPink, Red Velvet and Twice.  Beside GFriend ni bukan dari 3 big company so they may not cross all these three.  Seriously semua members GFriend is soo talented.   Semua ada good voice and they can dance well.  So dear chinggu chinggu mek sekalian, do support my favourite group josaeyoo..  Chaebal. All do listen to their song as well.  Sebab semua lagu GFriend are good.  Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Rough, Navillera and FingerTip (lettest one).

And bila bercakap pasal comeback, this comeback is about 4 weeks ago.  Ramai cakap this time comeback song dierang FLOP. and I dont think soo.  even just win once at music show, tak bermakna lagu diorang tak best kan?  Believe me they seriously try hard for this comeback.. They change their concept even change their style while Baby Umji is getting very yeppoo for this comeback.. seriously Im a proud BUDDY.

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  1. first time tau pasal GFriend ni sebab tngk video yg ada ahlinya jatuh berkali2 di atas pentas time buat persembahan me gustas tu ��

  2. Sama. Tyme tu nama diorang mula naik. hehehe..