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Another Oh Hae Young/ Another Miss Oh

Lagi update entry pasal Korean Drama.  Just done with this drama yesterday.  Another Oh Hae Young.   A.E spell like that.  hehehe..Oh my..Seriously sggh aku excited nak update entry pasal drama ni.  Lebih excited dari Cheese in The Traps.  Even still takleh move dgn C.I.T, tambah plak dgn drama ni, habislaaahh. Lagi tak boleh nak move. This drama was soo nice.  It was soo nice I want to cry :')

Actually drama ni panas2 lagi.  Sbb masa aku tengah busy nak settle and present dissertation a few months ago, aku ada tgk scene drama ni dkt IG mykdramadiary.  Scene yang Hae Young terbang dan peluk Doo Kyung tu. hahaha. I thought that scene was too funny and terus rasa excited nak tengok.  So I put that under my kdrama list yg wajib di tonton.  And yeahh.  I made it !  

Another Oh Hae Young ni seriously sgt best.  Takder stress nak fikir pasal watak antagonist sgt sbb everything happen sbb FATE masing-masing.  Ada pon sikit that was too easy to handle.   Jadi conflict dgn watak jahat tak banyak.   Drama ni pasal Oh Hae Young.  Yg mana Eric Mun/Moon aka Park Do Kyung ni ditinggalkan masa hari kahwin dia.  Girlfriend (Pretty Oh Hae Young) Do Kyung tak datang wedding and it was like...erm he was betrayed by his own girlfriend. Hari kahwin plak tu.  And one day his bestfriend Jin Sang tahu pasal sorang lelaki ni which is a handsome businessman (Han Tae Jin) akan berkahwin dgn Oh Hae Young.  He thought that perempuan tu adalah Pretty Oh Hae Young in fact perempuan tu adalah Plain Oh Hae Young.  Since he knew the investor yg invest dkt Tae Jin pnya business, his friend and Do Kyung plan to destroy him.  So Tae Jin tu kena masuk penjara.  Benda ni happen a few days before Tae Jin and Plain Oh Hae Young wedding akan dilangsungkan.  And this is soo sad.  Tae Jin terpaksa cakap dkt Plain Oh Hae Young yang dia nak cencel wedding dierang a day before wedding day dgn alasan his love to Oh Hae Young is not enough for them to get married.  and he was soo annoyed with Oh Hae Young way of eating.  Ya Allah this scene sgt la sedih.  Mek nangis segelas juga tgok scene ni. In fact Tae Jin betul2 sayang dkt Plain Oh Hae Young tu.   Di sini la terjadinya pertemuan antara Oh Hae Young dgn Park Do Kyung.   You know what Park Do Kyung ni boleh tengok future.   And Park Do Kyung always imagine and saw Plain Oh Hae Young even they did not know each other.   Bila dah tahu yg he actually tersalah orang, in which dia dah musnahkan perkahwinan another Oh Hae Young, he feel so bad.   And he go meet this Plain Oh Hae Young.   Lepas tu Oh Hae Young kena halau dkt Parents dia and sewa bilik store dkt rumah Do Kyung.  So they bocome closed and started to like each other.   Oh Hae Young pla mmg tak tahu yg Do Kyung is actually punca dia punya wedding tu cencel and she is seriously in love with Do Kyung. Ommmaaa..  So sad bila she knew the actual things happen.   Memang tragis.  

And all about this drama are way too nice to handle.  Semua best.  Relationship between Park Hoon dgn Ah Na soo comel even both are not matured enough.  And the friendship between Do Kyung and Tae Sang.  And how Jin Sang stay dkt rumah Do Kyung and termengandungkan Park Soo Kyung kakak kepada Do kyung. Hahahaha.   So lawak when both of them can speak France.  Hape pon tak faham.  Yang paling kuat aku gelak that scene masa Jin Sang tolong So Kyung pam jamban  tersumbat sbb So Kyung berak.  Nangis juga aku gelak. huaaaa :')))

Lepas tu pasal relationship Do Kyung dgn Hae Young tersangat la best.  Aku tak tahu nak describe apa sbb Eric punya wajah tu memberi sejuta impak dalam drama ini.  Ya Allah handsome sangat.  Ahh lupa Plain Oh Hae Young tu adalah Seo Hyun Jin yg mana heroin drama Let's Eat 2 yg aku update before.  She can lead this role really well.  Kalau tgok dia nangis seriously nampak real sesangat.   I love all the scene dalam this drama.  Masa Doo Kyung buka balik voice recording dia masa kecik2 bagi Hae Young dengar and suddenly OST dia, Scattered by KIM E.Z keluar, huaaa. sangat nice.  and that time, he give bracelet Pandora kt Hae Young (since Pandora sponsored this drama) hahaha.  seriosly soo sweet, I want to cry.  And what I see this drama, Hae Young seriously cool. He love Do Kyung to the fullest.  even too many time, Do Kyung tolak dia sbb knew that he will die, still she goes for Do Kyung.  Even she stated herself that she's been easy with Doo Kyung.  Come and go  whenever Do Kyung say soo.  And she love Do Kyung shamelessly.  Mmg seriously aku fall in love dgn watak Hae Young.   Beside, friendship between Do Kyung and his squad.  The cutest one masa dierang walk aimlessly follow Do Kyung sbb Hae Young knew the truth yg Do Kyung is actually the reason why her marriage kena cencel.   Comel je squad die follow Do Kyung dari belakang.  Pastu parents Oh Hae Young yang typical asian parents.   Want the best for their daughter.  Marah tp still support Oh Hae Young till she got her happiness dgn Do Kyung.  

Ahh so many things to describe.  Sbb this drama seriously sgt best.   OST dia semua best.  Plot dia best.  Semua scene best.  Actors dia pon semua best dan real.   Pastu this drama has a happy ending.  So tak delah aku frust sgt macam tgok Cheese in The Trap. And I soo in love with Eric Moon and Soe Hyun Jin.  Eric Moon soo handsome even alreayd 37.  aegoo.. Oppaaaa.  please wait for me oppa.  Janganlaa kahwin lagi unless dgn Soe Hyun Jin.  Memang real betul watak dierang sampai aku rasa nak marathon this drama again.  hahaha.  tak boleh nak move ni. Ottokei :'(

Kalau ikotkan nak type kat sni, tak sudah even 3 hari 2 malam sbb there are too many things to tell here.  Tp sokay.  Kalau nak tahu mcm mana the real drama, go and watch it "ANOTHER OH HAE YOUNG".  Full star mek bagi.  

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First date be like.......! 

And the funny duckling walk aimlessly ! 

The last one.. people fall for Eric smile.  So did my. hehehe

Done for tonight.   Happy watching dearies.

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